Hello lovely!
July 23 2014, 02:13 PM
July 21 2014, 08:07 PM


pipabeth is such a lovely ship<3

here’s my art process for a drawing i did of them:)

July 21 2014, 08:05 PM

If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first lovers and protect each other like siblings, then you know you are meant to be

inspired by (x)

July 18 2014, 10:55 PM


Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever. — Walt Disney.

June 30 2014, 04:32 PM

I’d go to the end of the world for heror time

June 30 2014, 04:31 PM

Sweetheart, let me tell you something no teenager ever believes, but I guarantee you is the absolute truth. You fall in love more than once. It will happen again. It will be just as amazing and extraordinary as the first time and maybe just as painful. But it’ll happen again. I promise. But until then, be your own anchor.

June 25 2014, 11:18 AM

Let’s see the results on this…


Reblog for Stiles and Lydia

Like for Stiles and Malia


June 25 2014, 11:04 AM


Nat and Ansel on their sick love story

June 25 2014, 11:02 AM





Rule of Tumblr: You must always reblog the creator of Tumblr sassing his peasants

If u still say peasants ur too young for tumblr

June 23 2014, 11:09 PM


stiles: our friends are in danger
malia: i can’t concentrate
stiles: ok let me actually be helpful
malia: nah i’m going to force our ship some and re-do what lydia already did in season 3

June 18 2014, 12:50 PM

i’m breathing in the chemicals

June 18 2014, 12:49 PM


(harry potter book series.)

June 18 2014, 12:49 PM
June 18 2014, 12:47 PM

Let’s raise our wands to Sirius Black (1959 – 18 June, 1996).

The world misses you, Padfoot.


June 08 2014, 02:03 PM






harry potter didn’t have to do p.e. so why do i

Harry Potter played quidditch.

harry potter never did the beep test 

How did Hogwarts students get exercise anyway? Not all of them did quidditch and it’s not a very athletic sport anyway??

what do u think all those goddamn stairs were for